Ok OK - anybody can be old. Yes?

A lot of people don't get old. It CAN be perceived as an achievement. Congratulations, on surviving this long! You're a winner, with a proven track record :)

The things you have been obliged to do in order to survive have, no doubt, changed through out your life. At any point during your life you were scrambling to identify the best of the options you had. Some things never change.

Maybe you think you already know how to be old. Ah yes, but do you know it all? If so then, having attained perfection, perhaps it IS time for you to die...

The rest of us may be humble, or realistic - no matter. We know we need all the help we can get. We are happy to contribute any aid we can render, in exchange for that help.

We are the Forever-Young community; YOUR community - forged by an undeniable common goal which is to survive and to be healthy, sassy and happy as we do so. We will move forward together, doing (much) better than we could have, alone!

We have big plans (dreams, at this point) but, for now, here - RIGHT HERE - is where we help each other; where we share the things and ideas - the tricks of the trade, if you will - that have helped us to be successful, in our senior years.

The first few articles in this section of the Forever-Young web site were written by your terminally handsome Patron - El Guapo Loco. The rest have been submitted by members of our community.

It's high time you made a name for yourself, around here. So write an article that belongs in our HOW TO BE OLD section, then send a private message to me, El Guapo Loco. The first message in all forums is from me. Oh, and not to worry - even though I AM Terminally Handsome I will read your message, post your article (if it has merit) and make you welcome here, any way I can :)