In a previous article about the basics of cells life was defined as a chemical process, occurring in cells. Not this time. Now we consider life, in the fullest sense; as not only a physical process but something with mental, and spiritual components.

All components of life require food, not just the body. If any part of the trilogy of life - body, mind and spirit - is deprived of sustenance, it will die.

A living body with a dead mind is a sad thing, indeed. There's a lot of that, around; people that may have had minds at one time but allowed them to entropy into nothing by refusing to use (or feed) them.

A living body with a dead spirit is the most dangerous thing that exists. There is a lot of that around, too. The prisons and streets are full of that, as well - aka MS13.

A living body with a dead mind and a dead spirit is TERMINAL. That body will not live very long.


What we will call "disconnecting" starves both the mind, and the spirit.

Disconnecting can be unintentional. A beautiful, dedicated mother, whose children take jobs in far-away places is disconnected from what had been her whole life, involuntarily. Suddenly, her reasons to live are gone. She is in trouble. She probably does not see her situation in that manner.

A working man draws his last paycheck. At home early the next Monday morning, it finally occurs to him - NOW WHAT? It is the failure to have an answer to that question at the ready that makes him say, "Retirement Sucks!" That working man is in trouble, too.

Retirement doesn't have to suck, provided it's done properly. "Properly" is subjective. It varies, greatly, from person to person. All we are able to do, without even knowing you, is to make you aware of the basic rule: YOU MUST CONTINUE TO NOURISH YOUR MIND AND YOUR SPIRIT, as well as your body.

Well the working man bought a Harley. When he's not working on it, washing or polishing it he's out riding it with his buddies. No longer does he say, "Retirement Sucks." There are too many bugs, in his happy teeth!

The mother bought a dog. She still seeks the company of her children, of course, but she has found something else to love when they are not around. She is a woman; a mother. Loving is what she does. That dog literally saved her life!

The older couple next door bought an classic car. They drive it to car shows all over the midwest and the south, in the winter. They camp at those car shows and make many new friends - smart people, who are happily retired, because they are doing something they enjoy!

You know you. There is something you would like to do, and can do. Can't afford a Harley, or a classic car? People give puppies away. Kittens, too. You can volunteer at the local hospital, get involved in your church... Counties usually have services, of some sort, for seniors. Ask around - see what others are doing.

Above all - never, EVER give up! That is the beginning, of the end.

If you don't get past the first challenge of being old, there is no sense in worrying about the rest.


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