Some say before beginning any venture, a formal and well thought-out goal should be defined. I agree. My aspirations place me and my web site on the lunatic fringes, of modern society. But the impossible has the nasty habit of becoming possible, in the moment it is accomplished.

I was alive, in 1967. Looking back, the summer of love was a crude time, indeed. I had to find a pay phone, park my car and maybe wait until someone else was done, before I could talk to a friend who was not with me. My, how things have changed... The "impossible" has become not only possible, but commonplace, over and over and over, again.

In 1970 I became aware of something called AIDS. In that year, contracting AIDS was a death sentence. 29 years later the "AIDS cocktail" changed AIDS to a chronic, but usually manageable disease. Since then millions of lives have been saved.

Make no mistake - the goal of this web site is to define the "AGING cocktail;" to be the place where the combination of ingredients that render old age a chronic, but manageable disease was first announced, to the world!

I can not accomplish this, alone. Nor can you. But it can, and will be done!

The way to accomplish this, or any goal is to get as many people as possible working on it. We are scientists. We work in the sewers. All of us go at the problem in different ways, and from diverse angles. I firmly believe that, working together, there is nothing (except the literally impossible) we can not accomplish.

I ask for - no - I BEG, for your help. You can do your part by participating in this web site to the fullest extent, sharing your experiences and their results with the community. A million heads are better than one, to be sure, and this web site is the clearinghouse; the central storage, of all the information that will be generated.

You don't have to help us. You can do nothing, and die...