We will be the first to admit we are doing things - swallowing substances - not fully researched by the medical profession. As we have said before, the medical profession might be biased against anti-aging because if no one dies, society will collapse... Science may hold the key(s) to longer life right now. They may be withholding that knowledge, because of the damage it might cause.

People have been known to die, as the result of taking two aspirins... or at least directly after taking those aspirins. The field of medicine is faced with the fact that human bodies vary, greatly, in the details of the way they work, which inevitably leads to large differences in the way individuals will react, to any given substance.

The medical profession is very vulnerable to litigation. Everybody wants to sue a doctor or hospital - they have lots of money, right? Doctors have to buy malpractice insurance. If they lose one lawsuit their rates go up, putting them out of a job! Every decision made by a doctor; even everything they say is colored by their fear of being sued, and rightly so. This situation ties the hands and gags the mouths of doctors, making speaking out tantamount to committing suicide!

In light of the above, is there any wonder that there are no, or very few doctors speaking out, about anti-aging? The secret to living in "America" is hiding, in plain sight; keeping your head down, your mouth shut and never, ever allowing them to focus down on you. Doctors, despite their money, are no exception to this rule.

If you use "normal methods" of research, i.e. choosing only things recommended by the experts, you will select nothing. You will be obliged to "grade on a curve" - and a rather steep curve, at that. Grading on a curve is using the score of the top student as an A, no matter the percentage of correct answers, and the score of the poorest student as a F. The subject of anti-aging validates the concept of grading on a curve, due to the biases revealed, above. If you read something like "... this substance seems to be safe..." that is an endorsement!

Learn to recognize hype. If a potential source of information makes claims, especially claims of a positive nature, without documenting those claims, there is a 99.9% chance you are not reading a source of information, but a sales pitch, instead. Validity, in the case of anti-aging, literally consists of the source of information not being connected to the product and the impartial tone and treatment used in evaluating the supplement. If you find several articles that do not meet these criterion; that are obviously biased toward the supplement in question, be very skeptical about that supplement.

The situation makes researching supplements that claim to counter aging difficult, to say the least. Even worse, those experienced in doing research are at an even greater disadvantage because the methods that have served them well for so long do not apply! Now there is a way - an easy way - and that way works.

Begin by looking for the supplement that has attracted your interest in the SUPPLEMENTS section of this web site. The information pertaining to that supplement will be presented in a factual, impartial manner. Next, enter the forum on this web site. Almost all supplements have their own sub-forum, in which you will find posts from other users of this web site that have direct, personal experience with that substance. If you do not find a sub-forum for the supplement you can ask questions in the general area of the forum.