What we call "society" is based upon a scenario wherein people die, at a predictable time. If that changes society will have to change with it, or stop functioning. As just one example, the government will remain responsible for medical care during a much longer period, creating massive cost over-runs.

The medical profession just might be trying to stifle anti-aging because they choose "a view from the top" i.e. if no one dies, society will collapse...

At this very early stage there are not many facts. One thing is certain: There are people that are feeling better and living longer because they eat the right foods, live a healthy life style and take the right pills. And those pills do not come from a doctor. We know that because we are experiencing it. This web site exists to present the way YOU can become one of us.

The first objective of the Forever Young web site is to bring its users up to speed, on the subject of anti-aging. When communicating with many people it is not possible to tailor what is written to any specific person, or even group of persons. Sophisticated users may feel insulted by the presence of cautions and warnings that are included, in order to protect the simple souls, among us. Conversely, some of the things pertinent to the subject at hand may leave the mentally challenged, in the dust.

For that reason (and many more) straight talk will be the order of the day on this web site. In light of the certain knowledge that everyone can not be pleased, no attempt to please anyone will be made. Commercial interests, in particular, will be ignored. None of the information available here will be slanted or biased toward making sales, of any kind.

Many of the pages on this web site offer several levels of user involvement. We create our pages for what we perceive as the average older person, coming here to investigate anti-aging. Links are to be found in the text. The advanced user has the option of clicking on the links, to further explore the subject of those links.

Many of the links open a page on Wikipedia in a "popup window." Those pages offer more than you ever wanted to know... The user can close the popup after reading it or leave it open, minimizing it for future use. The result is a page the user can expand (or not) to suit his/her level of involvement.


Usually, the term psychosomatic is used to describe a malady, brought on by, for example, too much stress; a condition literally created, by the mind. It works the other way, as well. The mind is able to heal, as well as harm.

Something called Voodoo exists among the ignorant, and the superstitious. If someone believes in voodoo it is real, to that person. By believing in voodoo a person empowers the juju man, his sloppily-made doll and his hatpin to inflict awful pain, even death, upon him. Here we have a textbook example of consensus reality that has been documented, ever since man has been able to write.

On the other side, spirit healers of many flavors abound. The Catholic Church has not stopped performing exorcisms. Reiki, and a multitude of spirit healing modalities exist, and do much good in the world. The "laying on of hands" has healed many, continues to do so and always will.

Delving further into the arcane is beyond the scope of this text. We are thankful for that because there are no facts to present, only the undeniable results of what seems to be smoke, and mirrors.

Many unscrupulous, even amoral people inhabit our planet. They may well be the majority, in the 21st century. "Snake oil" salesmen abound, and have abounded, since the days of the wild west! Ironically, their worthless concoctions have healed many people, simply because those that were healed believed that swallowing the snake oil could, and would heal them.

Things have changed. Then again, they have not :)

Today we have the ability to isolate and concentrate substances that have been identified by science, and given names. Some of those substances can help us live longer. Far more of those substances have no value, in terms of anti-aging, but are still able to serve as a "focus," allowing us to heal our selves. And some of those substances have the potential, at least, to do harm.


The above leaves us in what would seem to be an intractable situation: If we debunk a substance, displaying posts from many people that have found the substance lacking any value pertinent to anti-aging, we also remove the opportunity for someone to become convinced that substance will help them and then use that substance as a "focus," in order to heal themselves.

The simple act of revealing the mechanics of what we will call a "focus" may deprive some people of the healing that can come from a focus. It may reveal the most profitable mind set to adopt, with reference to the subject of anti-aging, as well.

If you are a stubborn skeptic - bound and determined that nothing can stop, or even delay the inevitable - you steal, from your self. Conversely, if you are gullible you will end up buying a lot of useless pills that might harm you. A middle ground; an open but active mind, is the way to go.

If you continue to be a "normal person" you will get old, right on schedule, then you will die. By choosing to practice anti-aging you become a deviant - someone that takes things into their own hands and seeks answers and/or remedies to their problem, which is aging.

In all probability, you do not see yourself as a believer in voodoo or a practitioner/participant in spirit healing. You have become a deviant, none the less. May we suggest that you reject nothing that might help you until you have researched it, yourself, and found it to be without merit? No need to ask where and how you can research it - you're already here, and we will show you how.


This web site will help you to double down. Double down is a term from the card game blackjack, where a player doubles their bet in exchange for an additional card. In blackjack that card is often worthless, even lethal.

If you use a substance as a focus, more power to you! The goal is to live longer and, while harming none, any way you accomplish that goal is great, especially if you share it with us! This web site will help you to choose supplement(s) that actually do you some good, as well.

You have chosen to greet the grim reaper with a shotgun. Might as well make it a double barrel.