You have found a resource dedicated to providing and sharing information of the most vital nature - that being how to survive; to live longer and to be healthier, while living longer. Here, we choose to perceive aging not as inevitable, but as a disease; a medical condition that can be treated, controlled and soon cured!

Maybe old age can be cured now... Maybe the immense problems associated with much longer lives are causing what we need to live indefinitely to be withheld, from us. We are unabashedly, and unapologetically selfish. We want to live! And we will do whatever it takes, to accomplish same.


Here you will find information on all aspects of healthy senior living with the impetus on delaying, and eventually defeating aging. How does aging happen? What diet should I choose to maximize my longevity; what supplements, what activities, what mind set?

The topics are many. Some have answers/solutions, some do not. Here, you can find what is known of these topics and, more importantly, you can share your own efforts to deal with aging, and the results of same.


Scams abound, of course. Will you waste your time and money on something that is known to be ineffective, or will you find that out here?

How will you become aware of ways to fight aging that actually work? Will you "do your own research," thereby exposing yourself to the scammers, or will you augment your efforts by reading about the success others have experienced on this web site?


The underlying concept is the creation of a community; a group of people sharing an interest and, in this case, doing their best to solve a problem. Communities that function are not one-way streets. You are required to PARTICIPATE, not just take. If no-one participates this community will not function - it will provide almost nothing to you, or anyone else.

We truly believe the information we need to survive aging exists - SOMEBODY knows how to do it - and all we need is for that somebody to share what he/she knows. Many of us have tried many things, in our efforts to slow our aging.

Some of us have made progress; found and used things/methods that made us feel better/younger, and/or actually slowed our aging. Some of us have tried things and/or methods that were promoted as able to slow aging, but those things produced no results. Some of us will select something we will try from what we find, here.

This web site contains information of the of the most vital nature; the very highest possible value, that being how to survive. That information IS NOT FREE. The price to be paid for that information is YOUR participation, in this community; YOU taking the time to post messages in our forum and/or to write articles and submit them for publication, on this web site.


Take every single thing you read here (or anywhere else!) with the proverbial grain of salt. As you read posts in the forum, try to analyze the style of the author. If he seems to be trying to sell something to you, maybe he is.

Look for "trends." A lone message should only create interest. If something is valid several, if not many people will be talking about it. If you don't find enough information about something you can always post question(s) about whatever it is in the general forums.

Beware "googling." Many times scammers can and do "load" the search engines with false praise for their "products." Instead of googling "Miracle Glop" try "problems and complaints about Miracle Glop" or "side effects of Miracle Glop." Use trusted sources of information such as (but not limited to) mayo clinic, webmd, wikipedia, etc.




TERMS OF USE. Please read our terms of use. They are important.


GOAL. Here Forever-Young.Online announces its goal, to the world


INTRODUCTION. Please read our introduction. It is intended to introduce you to several concepts relating to anti-aging and to reveal the way this web site is intended to work.


CELLS AND AGING. A "Crash Course" on the way most anti-aging supplements work.


RESEARCH. How to research a Supplement.