Now we get down to it. Detailed below you will find the supplements of which we are aware and the information we have found on the web, about them.

Garlic and peanut butter can be perceived as anti-aging dietary supplements, and rightly so, because both foods reduce the rate of plaque buildup in our arteries, thereby extending our life span. Garlic nor peanut butter appear on our list.

We have made our best effort to include only supplements that show promise of actually offering benefit, of some kind. Some of the supplements on our list may be worthy of the consideration of someone interested in anti-aging. Others (like DHEA) appear in order to present research that indicates they are not worthy of that interest, and should be ignored.

Before using ANY supplement, please evaluate it very carefully!

Proper research on these supplements is not possible, because the studies necessary to first discover, then provide scientific evaluation of these supplements have not been done. Those studies are very expensive and are funded, only when big money is to be made.

This web site exists in order to perform "back to front" studies on the supplements we list, below. Though we lack hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for conventional studies, we can and will record and provide information at a grass roots level; information contributed by YOU, the members of our community.

Should I take SUPX? What is the proper dosage? Should I take it after a meal, or on an empty stomach? Does it build up in my body, allowing me to decrease the dosage after some time passes? Are the desired effects permanent and, if so, how long will it be before those permanent effects are achieved? Or is it necessary to continue to take SUPX, for its effects continue?

The naked truth is, NOBODY KNOWS, right now. Working together we can, and will answer our own questions. Go to our forum. Find the supplement(s) that interest you. Read what others have posted then POST YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES! Participate in what we fervently hope will be what history records, as the manner in which the human life span was increased!